Bring Your To-Do List. 

Leave with it DONE.

100 minutes of CRAZY productive work time while feeling like you're hanging with friends.

January 28 7 @ 9 AM Pacific

  • 12 PM Eastern Time

  • 5 PM London

  • 6 PM Europe

How it works:

  • 🗣🗣 Introductions

    We spend the first 7ish minutes networking and stating what we'll work on for the session.

  • 👩‍💻 👨‍💻 Productivity & Accountability

    We use a shared Pomodoro timer to work as efficiently as possible (on mute!) for 25 a mini "work sprint."​

  •  🗣🗣 Break & feedback

    We take a 5-minute break where we unmute and have an opportunity to chat, ask questions, or get feedback on what we're working on.

  • 🔄 100 minutes of the most productive work you'll ever do

    We do this sprint/break 4 times so you get 100 minutes of crazy efficient work while feeling like you're hanging out with friends.