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Ever feel like you should be further along than you are? 


Do you want to look back on this month or year and finally be DAMN PROUD of all you accomplished?

End  Procrastination  in Our Unique Virtual Coworking Room 24/7

Ever do the "safe" thing in your business while the thing you REALLY need to do gets postponed yet again?

That's the perfect thing to bring to our room!

  • Regularly Scheduled Coworking

    We offer structured virtual coworking on a scheduled basis multiple times a week.

  • Work with fellow Inner Circle members ANY TIME

    Members can host their own regular coworking session at any time in any time zone OR comment on our running coworking thread to find someone to cowork with RIGHT NOW.

  • We are ALL your accountability partners

    Struggling to move something forward? Just mention that it's something you are at risk of procrastinating on, and we'll jump to the rescue to check in on you in next sessions..

[I love] coworking in a group. It gives you the impetus to get stuff done instead of slacking off when you could.

I love the Pomodoro sprint format [of coworking]. It really works with accountability as opposed to just doing everything on our own. People are checking in with you always.

Coworking is especially good for the things I don't like doing or that feel stressful or overwhelming. Anything I procrastinate on.

Get Your To-Do List Done  


We offer a weekly shared Google Sheet where we post our goals for the week and give each other advice on anything we are struggling with. It even has a unique self-analysis section to help you if you aren't interested in community feedback.

  • Stating your goals to the group ensures they get done

    The unique Weekly Board is set up so that you'll see the action others are taking and be motivated to take action on your weekly goals too.

  • Never postpone your goals again

    Our unique system helps you determine whether you are being realistic with your goals AND helps you adjust them on an ongoing basis.

  • Leverage our unique feedback system to fine tune your goals every week

    We've developed a unique system that ties our Weekly Goal Board into our community so you have the option of getting feedback from other business owners on your week and everything from handling setbacks to optimizing your week.

The shared documents with the goals and trackers are great. Clear goals and tasks help me keep myself in check.

People are always checking in with you to make sure you're doing what you said you'd do!

I love reading everyone's weekly feedback even to others. It really gives me ideas for my business.


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Get  Feedback   24/7

We offer a monthly live mastermind PLUS you can post 24/7 and get feedback on anything from work/life balance to a landing page and tap into the hive mind of your fellow entrepreneurs! 

Posts in our Feedback Needed get a LOT of traction in our group so you won't be waiting around!

  • Monthly LIVE Mastermind Event

    We hold a LIVE mastermind event every month with a set formula to keep everyone focused on accelerating each others businesses.

  • Our dedicated "Feedback Needed" Topic gets TOP engagement

    Our members are extremely engaged so no matter when you post with your feedback request, you'll have motivated business owners weighing in from all over the world.

  • Ensure Your Bigger Goals Aren't Left Behind...Again.

    We have a unique Monthly Board similar to our weekly one that walks you through ensuring your 30-day goal is realistic and right for your business at this stage. It contains a unique analysis section to help you tweak your goals or optimize them for acceleration as you move into the following 30 days.

Everyone was so helpful in the comments to my post. I really appreciated all the help from everyone!

I've done more in the last month in the Doers IC than in the last 15 years to move my business forward. 

It's so easy to work in your business instead of on it, taking billable work constantly and never working on your business. I'm changing that in the inner circle.

We have our own  APP! 

This is NOT a Facebook group -- we even have our own dedicated app so you can stay distraction free and stay in control of your time and your business.

  • Confidently run our app & ditch social media

    Social media is meant to distract you from your goals, our community is meant to accelerate your goals. You even have FULL control over every single notification.

  • Fill your digital space with acceleration-focused entrepreneurs

    What you consume has an effect on everything from your mood to your motivation. We focus on acceleration and constructive improvement and many members say instead of mindlessly scrolling through demotivating social media, they're on our app feeding their brain instead!

  • Bond with your community in Groups, Book Club, and more!

    We know you'll make fast friends because we understand what it's like to finally find that community of motivated business owners who have your back through the ups and downs but we facilitate this even more with our Groups (we even have a self-care and positivity group!) and Business Book Club!

This group helped me in 2020 more than anyone else, except my husband and son.

Diversity across our backgrounds means that you get lots of different feedback and help from different points of view. 

Especially working from home, you end up in a little bubble and it's easy to lose motivation because you feel every day is the same and the path forward gets unclear. Here, things get solved and goals are solidified & you feel you have resources. You feel challenged constantly.

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