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Landing High-Caliber Clients with Instagram & LinkedIn

Our expert, Martina Russo has built her business remotely via LinkedIn, Instagram and inbound marketing.

  • Grow with LinkedIn

    Martina has taught multiple webinars and even a masterclass on LinkedIn for B2B businesses and solopreneurs. This is your chance to get feedback from her on your profile or how you're leveraging this tool.

  • Grow with Instagram

    Martina blew everyone away in her Instagram webinar showing how not only she uses it but also how others use it for their businesses. This is your chance to ask her follow-up questions about whether you're getting the most out of this tool!

  • Grow with High-Quality Clients

    Martina has focused on attracting high-quality clients and has now worked with some major brands like Neil Patel, Skullcandy, Dynafit, O'Neil and more. This is your chance to get an insider's opinion on high-caliber clients.

More about Martina:

Martina Russo

Experienced in B2B Growth through Instagram & LinkedIn

Translator. Business owner. Outdoors enthusiast and a true world citizen. Since 2010, Martina has been helping SaaS, digital and growth marketing brands communicate across borders. A passionate approach to professional translation and the best customer service is what she loves about her work. Alongside translation, she established Freelancer at Work, an e-commerce site that enables freelancers and entrepreneurs advertise their services 24/7 with a range of custom decals. When she's not working, you can usually find her climbing up a mountain or snowboarding down the other side.

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